7 – Book One: Huan – Chapter 3

FONSY COULD BARELY PASS a few subjects. He was intelligent, but he couldn’t find a good reason to use these subjects in the future. He was the practical type of guy.

It was I who helped him through these subjects and Fonsy was very thankful. Not only we became seatmates but also the best of friends. He was generous and kind behind that intimidating facade.

Also, we both liked each other. We felt that we have this kind of unexplainable bond. Despite our differences, we felt we had so many things in common we couldn’t explain how.

As the weeks went by, Buddy, Mark, and Jim joined us. Yes, the ones who bullied me before became my friends because of Fonsy. I had no idea what happened, but Fonsy told me that he accepted them as our new friends. I saw nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’ve already forgiven them. So we became five: Fonsy, Buddy, Mark, Jim, and me.

From time to time, Buddy, together with Mark and Jim, still made pranks out of me within the group. But I showed them how smart I was and they realized that they couldn’t mess with me anymore. Besides, Fonsy regarded me highly and considered me as his best friend among us all. I became the group’s intelligence and strategist Fonsy couldn’t afford to lose.

I BECAME THEIR MAN WITH THE PLAN when Buddy suggested doing some pranks on Halloween. Jim got involved in a fight with another group of boys in town the week before. They’re much older, and the way I saw it, much more of the thugs than we do. We’ve learned that they were after Jim and threatened to get back at us or even kill Jim.

Fonsy and Buddy wanted to fight them back immediately, but I told them not to act on impulse. I showed them a plan which I thought would work. They agreed to act it out.

Jim set a meeting with those guys at a certain place I chose. It was a lonely alley that people fear to tread because it was dark and filthy. It was the alley behind the public market which I’m more familiar with. Those suckers agreed.

So I told Jim, Mark, and Buddy to meet the guys while Fonsy and I were on the lookout.
Then the thugs came in a big group, around twelve boys or more, as I expected. So Jim started to run to where we were hiding as Mark and Buddy followed him.

The chase happened. That was the signal for my next step.

As soon as the gang reached our hiding place, they saw a bigger group of boys wearing Halloween masks and holding big sticks. I was able to round up around twenty much older guys from the marketplace I knew to help us. The sight made the thugs retreat and never bothered us again. Also, with Fonsy’s father’s influence, the police started patrolling the area.

Jim was very much thankful to me. “I thought I was going to die. Thanks, pal. One day, I’ll pay you my debt of gratitude,” he said.

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